About us


Everything in our shop is hand tied and dyed by us in Eugene, Oregon. 

We work together on each piece, pulling from methods and techniques crafted by the tie-dyers who have come before us, pushing the boundaries of the existing tie-dye verse to create out of this world customized cosmic creations. 

Our designs are influenced by the natural world around us, the cosmos above us and the sacred world within us. Our collection is the embodiment of our collective imagination, driven by the desire to produce completely unique wearable works of art. 

Every design is one of a kind and no two items are ever the same.

By exploring the intricacy in each design and diving into deeper realms of color, we are here to create a unique style of dyed goods for your wearing and viewing pleasure.

We source USA grown and ethically produced clothing made of sustainable materials such as bamboo, organic cotton and hemp. This is a lifestyle change we have made in our personal lives and want to incorporate into our business. The damaging affects of the fast fashion industry are contributing to the destruction of our planet. We feel it is vital to add our dye art on garments created with fair wages, while preserving the environment is at the forefront of the process.